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Beauwood.jpg (48121 bytes)A metal sanding and grinding application utilizing Cyclone pre-filters and a cartridge filter unit.  The Cyclones will extend the cartridge filter life by separating the larger particulate prior to entering the cartridge final filters    



Vertiflex.jpg (192736 bytes)A fabric filter dust collector connected to various woodworking machinery processing particle board.


Dataproducts Mexicali.jpg (216314 bytes)

A cartridge filter dust collector servicing various operations in the re-manufacturing of printer and copier toner cartridge.   



Dataproducts Mexicali1.jpg (174585 bytes)Our crews installing the main duct into the building of the toner cartridge re-manufacturer.



Pharmaceutical Manufacturing -Adam Nutrition.jpg (256101 bytes)

Cartridge dust collectors connected to tablet coating pans with the exhaust extended through the roof.  These applications are closed systems.  Air is supplied to the coating operation through a heat exchanger from the exterior and then is cycled through the dust collectors and the clean air is returned outside.


B&C Nutritional0.jpg (39321 bytes)Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - This unit is connected to various tablet manufacturing grinding, blending, weighing and encapsulation operations at a local vitamin manufacturing facility.  The exhaust of this unit is re-cycled through a HEPA safety filter and exhausted back into the air conditioning system, lowering the air conditioning costs.


Regency.jpg (20480 bytes)Buffing & Polishing - Preliminary phase of a buffing & polishing application before the machinery is moved into place.  The ducting system is connected to a 50 HP cyclone located outside the building in Las Vegas, Nevada.


wpe1.jpg (34314 bytes)Sand Blast Room - This cartridge dust collector is connected to a sand blast room at a Powder coating facility.  The unit controls the dust generated during sand blasting and is permitted through the South Coast Air Quality Management District of Southern California.


wpe3.jpg (29677 bytes)Food Processing - This cartridge dust collector is connected to a mixing operation for food processing.  The ducting system is constructed from stainless steel and utilizes clamps to allow ease of removal for a regular cleaning schedule.

wpe5.jpg (31321 bytes)Woodworking - This cyclone and afterfilter unit is collecting wood and plastic chips in a window blind fabrication shop.  The afterfilwpe8.jpg (37721 bytes)ter collects the fine particulate that escapes through the cyclone.  The ducting design provides a constant velocity flow of air back and through the dust collection equipment.

wpeA.jpg (38493 bytes)Auto & Truck Fume Exhaust - Our crews are installing a exhaust fume exhaust system for the maintenance shop of a food processing operation.  The mechanic can now test and diagnose problems with the truck and auto fleet with the vehicle running inside the shop.  The coiled hose is pulled down and clamped to the exhaust pipe of the vehicle and then retracts out of the way when not needed.  This unit has a integral blower mounted with the equipment with the exhaust extended through the roof to the atmosphere.


                 Im000091.jpg (29126 bytes)                                       

Food Processing - Another food processing application where the cartridge dust collector is connected to a number ofIm000092.jpg (21590 bytes) blending operations.  Again the ducting system is designed for easy disassembly for a regular cleaning schedule




turbo Tech.jpg (26786 bytes)This is the newest collector in Torit's product line.  The DFO unit is designed for higher filter rates requiring smaller units at higher air volumes.  This particular unit is connected to two Plasma Spray Operations and numerous grinding downdraft benches.  The unit also utilizes an11_08a1.jpg (38567 bytes) abrasive resistant inlet to protect the filter media from abrasive particulate.  The exhaust of the blower is connected to a HEPA secondary filter.


 This Torit Baghouse Unit is connected to a new Re-melt Fu21_18a1.jpg (40310 bytes)rnace used to recycle the shavings from automobile wheels.  The unit is designed for a high heat22_19a1.jpg (43284 bytes) operation.  The bags are easily accessed from the top for replacement.  



Pharmaceutical Manufacturing-
This Torit HP Baghouse unit is connected to various Pharmaceutical operations, such as tablet 24_21a1.jpg (42819 bytes)presses, mixing operations, weighing and encapsulation machines.  The exhaust is run through a secondary HEPA filter and then a portion of the exhaust air is run back into the air conditioning sytem.






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